Thursday, July 4, 2013

Gillman Barracks

Back in the 1930s, Gillman Barracks was established in Singapore to accomodate the expanding stronghold of the British Military. It first housed the First Battalion of the Middlesex Regiment followed by the Singapore Armed Forces in 1971, when the British Military handed the barracks to the SAF as a part of withdrawal from the country.
The SAF abandoned the barracks in the 90s, leaving it for commercial purposes and was later named as Gillman Village in 1996.
The Gillman Barracks is now known as the British colonial themed hub for the local contemporary art scene.

I didn't really spend much time looking around the art galleries. I thought I wasn't dressed fancy enough for the liking of such contemporarily artistic scene. In the first place, I didn't really intend to give the place a visit on that day. I was just happily skating around:)


  1. I love reading stories about buildings, especially old ones like this!
    what stories they could tell! And of course, I totally dig that this building became a scene for the contemporary art.
    Sometimes art galleries can be really fancy shmancy. But I am sure a super cool cat like yourself would be just fine going into one of these contemporary galleries. (;
    Oh, and thanks again for the movie recommendations! I couldn't find anywhere to watch A Map For Saturday, but I did find 180° South on netflix (I totally dig the soundtrack as well).
    Somehow, I just knew that you would know/have seen Encounters at the End of the World. I kept wondering if you were going to pop up somewhere in the background. (:
    and how's the job search going?

    1. Super cool cat? not! haha
      Hmm if I remember correctly I watched it on youtube, guess they already took it down.
      How I wish I was in the background! :S
      And guess what, I've got a job already! Unfortunately, it's not a lab job. It's more towards the environmental/health side with lots of urban field work. Good experience nonetheless.
      howbout you Rina, how's everythin goin?:)