Monday, June 24, 2013

Haze-stricken Singapore

For almost a week, the tiny little island of Singapore was shrouded by severe haze. This was due to the massive forest fires happening in the Sumatran region of Indonesia. The first few days was alright but as the days go by, the air pollution level increased drastically; from PSI (Pollution Standard Index) level of 100 which then soared to the hazardous level of 300, then to 400 last Friday, a record high in the Singapore history.  Due to the hazardous air quality, the demand for face masks (N95) and air purifiers ridiculously soared. Face masks especially went out of stock in every stores nationwide.
Hazy afternoon in Singapore River
Within a day, everyone wanted to have one, a quality face mask for themselves. The face mask craze did not only leave every shops' counter with list after lists of face mask reservation but also gave those opportunistic individuals to put up markedup priced face masks up on sale online. 

The craze came and went. Everything's back to normal now. 


  1. Oh my! This photo reminds me of the ongoing air pollution problem in China. I also read the haze is pretty bad in Malaysia right now. But I am glad to hear it has cleared up where you live.
    Were you able to find a lab/biology job?
    I am working part time in the day, so unfortunately I won't be able to do any volunteer work! At least not at the moment. In August, I might have more time to do some volunteer work. But August is the hottest month! ),: I also have an internship in the evenings, so that will keep me extra busy.
    Funny you mentioned the bees! I spoke to one of my relatives about beekeeping, and she said that one of her friends recently started keeping bees! It's such a fantastic coincidence. I want to meet with her friend and ask her if she would like any extra help with her beekeeping. How exciting!
    I also hope I can see more of your blog post again in the future. In the past, I always looked forward to your weekly post. ;) ♥♥

    1. oh my gosh, sorry that comment was so long.
      (- _ -);

    2. Haha no worries Rina! Your comments are always interesting to read:)
      It reminded me of China as well when I saw it and yes Malaysia was even hit badly, PSI soared to 700+ at some parts! T'was crazy.
      I'm still unemployed:( Laboratories here wants someone who's able to commit for at least a year and I can't, I've only got half a year before uni starts so yea...But I've got a couple of job interviews next week so yea, I'm being optimistic haha.
      Wow you seemed so busy! that's great! All I've been doing was look for jobs, cruise around with my longboard, play music and watch documentaries to waste time:S too much playing around! ahhhhh I need a lab jobbbb! haha.
      Fantastic coincidence indeed! It's kinda cool you're not scared of bees. It's not really an easy task to keep bees isn't it?
      And Thank you dear Rina! your most wonderful commment made me more motivated to keep this blog alive. You shall see more of my random nothings in the future, I hope? haha