Thursday, January 3, 2013

uncertain shit.

Kuta Beach, Bali, November 2012

Life's like a sea. A basin filled with vast possibilities. Sometimes it feels never ending, sometimes, just impossible. Horizons seemed unreachable with depths, unimaginable. It is just as unpredictable as the waves coming towards the shore, with constantly changing underwater currents. It can be as tranquil as it can be and as violent as it can ever get. It is beyond measure that's for sure. But what really scares me is the uncertainty that it holds. I'll sail through it, no problem, I don't care, but what awaits beyond, i'll just pray.

I'm worrying too much lately. To think that the year has just started, what I'm experiencing right now ain't a good sign. Hopefully, everything'll be fine.

Anywho, I've just sent a handful of 35mm rolls yesterday. Will get 'em this Saturday! Man, can't wait.


  1. Oh, what truth these words hold!
    How often do I think about the uncertainties in my future. Too often, if you ask me!
    Though, we should not worry ourselves too much about unknown uncertainties. That will only bring us stress (and cause us to age quicker!) ;)
    I'm certain that we will both be just fine, especially you (you more than me probably!)
    About New Years, I traditionally spend New Year's Eve with my family.
    We just sit around and talk and sip on champagne.
    Oh goodness, that makes us sound boring and fancy, but I promise it's much more fun than it sound! And I usually watch a few episodes of the Twilight Zone right before the clock strikes 12. Nothing too exciting or thrilling, but it's special nonetheless.
    I like the pictures you've posted!
    Can't wait to see more!! :)

    1. True Rina, I shouldn't worry too much on things. Hopefully I change hehe.
      Oh I spend New Year's Eves with family too. If I'm in Singapore, we just sit around and talk and eat and eat more and watch the countdown on tele. But when I'm in Manila, we set of fireworks and sparklers and make noise ti'll we drop.
      Boring and fancy! haha
      You watch twilight zone every New Year's Eve? wow that's quite unique:P Been awhile since I've watched an episode of twilight zone (plays twilight zone theme song in my head)