Sunday, November 18, 2012

of the not so deep indo-depths.

the 2 french scuba divers and their guide who shared the same private speed boat with us.

The photographs above were taken at Toya Pakeh of the Penida Island, our first diving spot. We were quite surprised that the speed boat brought us to Nusa Penida instead of Nusa Lembongan. Nusa Penida is actually meant for intermediate snorkelers and more experienced scuba divers due to the strong underwater currents. Underwater marine life at our second dive spot (PED) at Peda was much more diverse and jaw dropping. It was like swimming inside a fish tank. I've even went face to face with a puffer fish! Too bad I ran out of underwater disposable camera.

Toya Pakeh, Bali, November 2012.


  1. While you enjoy the warm summer, I am shivering!
    Brrr! I couldn't imagine jumping into any sort of water (unless it's an onsen or a hot bath) right now.
    I would love to try snorkeling! marine life is so beautiful.
    But I would want to snorkel with sharks! Or a whale shark.
    Yes, to swim with a whale shark is one of my biggest wishes.
    And then I could get some tips from an intermediate snorkeler such as yourself (;

    1. oh my, winter time! I've always thought of a White Christmas! (since it'll be Christmas in a months time).
      Summer is good but a prolonged summer? no! haha, too hot and humid.
      Whale sharks and sharks! going face to face with a puffer fish (as big as a watermelon) already scared the shit out of me, what more a shark! haha or even whale shark, well even though they're perfectly harmless.