Monday, November 5, 2012

ninkampoop for the day.

Damn it! I've just cleaned the reflex mirror of my Pentax slr without thinking (yes, yes, I know I'm not supposed to). I was doing the usual general cleaning (the lens, exteriors, the usuals) when I saw the black dirt on the mirror surface. It has been there since the day I've gotten it but only today, yes today, that my hand itched, and then before I know it, I've already cleaned it! damn. SO stupid! ninkampoop! To add on to my silly paranoia, I went online and searched about cleaning slr mirrors and man, every single person in every single forum says the most unsurprising thing, "NEVER TOUCH SLR MIRRORS". Guess what, when I was cleaning it, I've even applied finger pressure on the mirror! I wiped it with using a lens cloth, lightly sprayed with lens solution. Great! time for me to rest in peace...


  1. Such a bummer! ): I did the same thing, when I first started getting into slr cameras.
    I had my grandfather's old Canon ftb, and I thought I'd just clean it a bit.
    Whoops. No one told me I wasn't supposed to touch the mirrors! Needless to say I was so upset.
    I still have it, in hopes that one day I might be able to replace the mirrors (is that possible?).
    Really sad to hear that happened to you, I know how it feels.
    We've both learned the hard way ),:

    1. Haha the worst thing is...after all these years, I know I'm not supposed to and it's not my first time!:( oh well, what's done is done. Actually I don't really mind the scratched mirror. It is the unbalanced mirror (hopefully this didn't happen) which I'm afraid of due to the finger pressure that I've applied.
      Hmm...Mirrors can be replaced, professionally. It'll cost a lot. Definitely not worth it! might as well get a new old one:)
      I'm Sad to hear that it happened to you as well :(
      Let's not do such foolish actions again! haha
      Lesson learnt! high 5*