Thursday, November 8, 2012

olympus mju-II.

Finally gotten back the test roll! I've sent it to a family-run-Fujifilm lab this time round for fast developing (took 24 hours) as compared to my usual go-to Kodak lab which takes 3 days until collection! Even though it provides fast service and cost a dollar and ninety cheaper, I still prefer the latter. Why? well other than the clearer scanned images and strategic location (2 minute walk from my cribs), I have never seen a single scratch nor blotch in any of my images. Hands down for reliability.
Anyway, I've wanted it to be fast so that I can decide whether it is good enough to be brought along to my 4-day Bali trip this saturday!

The images looked pretty fine. They're not as sharp as how the cult followers claim it to be. But for a S$4 junk compact, i can't deny, it's well worth it. I've shot the entire roll under low light circumstances, so I can't tell right now how it'll fare under the harsh indo-tropical sun of Bali. Will see how it goes. And yes, I also find the data-back, quartz-imprinted date tad distracting.


  1. Not bad at all! It does pretty well, even in the low lighting conditions.
    I prefer the 3 day service as well, only because it's cheaper! but they really do a better job.
    I got some photos from a 1hr service, and they messed my film up! ): some of the pictures, the good ones mind you, looked like I had scratched them.
    Can't wait to see some of the Bali pics (:
    I wouldn't mind if the date was on the back of my photos (I think it used to be done, but not anymore)

    1. that's quite unfortunate to hear! never ever go there again! (k but sometimes desperate times call for desperate measure).
      I've yet to collect some of the rolls taken using the mjuII, hopefully everything turns out fine! Oh damn, I can't remember whether I've turned off the date function. Uh oh...