Monday, November 5, 2012

for a change.

I've just gotten myself a new old Olympus mju-II for S$4! So far, everything seems to work just fine; autofocus led lights (but the fact that it really autofocuses, I got no idea), flash, quartz data-back with good condition lens (surprisingly no fungus nor scratches!). I haven't tested it out yet but hopefully I'll get substantial results by this Friday so I can use it for next week's Bali trip. Just to add on...the camera came loaded with a konica centuria film, shot ti'll the 35th frame. I took the liberty to shoot the last frame and got the whole roll out as soon as it rewound itself. I'm not sure if I should send it processing though. Having mixed feeling of both curiosity and fear. What photographs does that roll posses? Why's such a good conditioned camera lying hopelessly together with other hoarder's random junk? Heck I don't know. Just that the idea of the recent movie "Sinister" kinda comes into my mind.

Other than a new camera, I've also gotten an old hobby back and boy I've been rusty.

a sketch of bob marley while listening to "jammin"


  1. What a find! I see cameras at thrift stores for prices like that, but they never work (usually jammed).
    My first slr camera, the canon ftb, had film in it when I first got it.
    When I got the film back, most of pictures taken by my grandfather, while he was at the beach.
    It was pretty neat, and weird at the same time.
    Seeing his photos from the past and my photos from the present in the same roll, it was strange.
    I would be nervous as well, to get that roll developed. But my curiosity always dominates my fear(for the most part)
    Oh, that movie kinda gave me the heebie jeebies. ):
    And if that's what you call "rusty" I wanna see what you call "skilled" ;)
    You're good!

    1. Precisely! that's why I was so happy to find such cam in good working condition!. Here, an olympus mjuII in working condition can easily cost S$50-S$150 in the film camera market.
      A canon ftb! that's a nice cam! How I wish my grandparents have got interesting film slrs to pass to me too! (I've gotten a couple of film compacts from my parents though).
      Kinda cool to develop such film roll though. Sounds like opening a time capsule!
      I kinda fear the idea of finding "something else" in 35mm frames. Damn you Sinister! haha
      thanks:) guess I needa use the pencil a lil' more this time round.