Wednesday, October 3, 2012

escapades of a local sightseer #6: Buddha Tooth Relic Temple


  1. Again, another place I'd like to visit!:)
    I went to a few Buddhist temples when I visited Japan 2 years ago, and this one is different from the ones in Japan.
    But there are probably many kinds of Buddhist temples, and surely they vary from region to region.
    Looks like something was being celebrated, do you know what it was?
    I think the festivals you have listed in the tags are all on different days in the lunar calendar.
    It kind of reminds me of the o-bon festival in Japan :)

    1. I believe the temples in japan has got their own Japanese culture incorporated into them. Oh by the way, it was the last day of the Hungry Ghost Festival (well that was what my buddhist friend told me).

    2. I just did a quick read up about Hungry Ghost Festival and it seems like in Japan, it's called O-bon! interesting.