Saturday, October 6, 2012

as the smoke reach the heavens...

It was a weekend. Afternoon right on my watch. I can count the loiterers by hand and thought to myself that I should have encountered more along the way, but didn't. The smell of paper burning lingering in the air was pretty much evident, Afterall, it was the Hungry Ghost festival. As I continued walking, floating debris of what seemed like ashes, floating in the air as it gets carried away by the tropical wind, greeted me off-guard. I held my breath, my eyes shut but I continued walking nonetheless. I looked everywhere. There it was, bins, bins of offerings being burnt block after blocks. Is that the reason why no one's around? I should have known better! Walking out on the streets on the last day of the Hungry Ghost Festival will be the last thing I'd do next time. Or maybe not.


  1. So spooky!
    I would probably have been really freaked out if there weren't a lot of people on a usually busy street.
    It reminds me like something from the Twilight Zone ;)
    What a good story teller you are!
    You would be invited to my ghost story parties,
    if I ever had such parties...
    P.S. I'm not super big on 80s music, but 80s British music is like my guilty pleasure.

    1. haha cool thanks. oh the 80s brit music! man, you just don't know howmuch I've always wanted to live in the 80s...