Saturday, September 15, 2012

short-term vagabond, full-time nomad.

Taal Volcano, December 2010

It'll be 8 months more ti'll my National Service term (Military service) ends and I've already thought of the next most possible thing that I'm gonna do. That is, to go backpacking! I was thinking of at least a month. I haven't really thought of which continent yet, either Europe or Asia but never both. There are some friends who proposed to go together in a group but I've always thought of going solo. It'll be the no reservations kind, spontaneity at its best, releasing my inner nomad. I haven't done much research yet but I want the trip to be as fun as hell but for as little cost that I can afford (I still need to save up for my overseas uni in 2014!). I hope posting it out here don't get the backpacking idea jinxed. Oh god no.

It'll be friggin' awesome if I can get tips/stories from those who've went before.


  1. Like a true nomad!
    I wish I could give you some tips, or share some stories with you. But as of now, my life is uneventful (and dare I say a little boring?)
    I would love to try back-packing someday.
    That would surely bring out the spontaneity in me!
    Probably not anytime soon, unfortunately.
    I am planning a trip to either Japan, or Germany in 2014.
    p.s. I finally decided on a camera!
    It's a Fujica AX-3. I'm kind of bummed out it's not completely manual, and I'm kind of regretting not getting the Fujica STX-1(completely manual)...
    But I think it'll be ok. It doesn't have mirror lock-up, but I'm not too concerned about that.
    I can't wait to test it out!

    1. cool, at least you've already planned something.
      Ah finally! an slr for you. Too bad it's not fully manual. forget the mirror lock up, except if you fancy star trail photography.
      I've just checked how the Fujica AX-3 looks like, and somehow it reminds me of a Canon AE-1. Pretty interesting find:) I'm gonna stay tuned for your test roll!