Saturday, September 8, 2012

I've thought of japanese, but I've gone russian.

Here's a new addition to my humble analogue arsenal - the Zorki 4. I've got it for round 65USD from a young art student who majors in film. The version I've just acquired is one of earliest model meant for export released between 1960-1966. The engravings were of Roman characters instead of the usual Cyrillic script, and from what I've read online, it is quite uncommon (yay). Exteriors were close to excellent, conservatively 8/10. The lens which came with it wasn't up to satisfaction but it seemed like it'll still carry on surviving. I'm kinda worried about the rangefinder alignment as well. Other than that, I'm damn frigging stoked to test it out tomorrow.


  1. Wow! Such a lovely score! The only vintage camera I have is a Olympus Pen EE3 camera that I bought at a flea market in Japan.

    1. Hi there sleepwalkingintokyo! thanks for droppin by:) I've always wanted to go vintage camera hunting in other country's flea markets cause...flea markets here in Singapore is kinda hopeless when it comes to vintage analogues. Your pen ee3 is a good find! very interesting camera. Makes 36 shots film to 72 shots!

  2. Such a beauty! my sister shoots with a Zenit ET. It's super lovely! But it's really heavy! And not really convenient to walk around with, but it takes fabulous photos. I'm not too fond of rangefinders, though (have I mentioned this before?)
    Looking forward to seeing the test pictures!

  3. Oh yea I think you already did? haha. I've seen people with zenits', must be a good cam indeed. Oh man it seems like it'll take forever to finish that roll of film!