Tuesday, September 25, 2012

If only choosing schools is as easy and straight forward as a not so well thought of, badly exposed black&white photographs...


  1. That's definitely not an easy choice.
    But in the end, I believe we always make the decision that is best for us, with careful consideration (of course) :)
    When the time comes, you'll know what choice is right for you. I'm sure of it.
    p.s. I rather like these "badly exposed b&w photographs". It reminds me of an old b&w movie mixed with film noir. Nice stuff!

    1. Guess I kinda suck when it comes to decision making, especially when all your options seemed equally good. Choosing the "right" uni overseas is kinda big step to take. Oh well, will see how it goes.
      Now that you mentioned it, yea, it kinda does!