Tuesday, September 11, 2012

everyday people of the somewhat drab streets.

It's funny yet somewhat annoying how I always find myself around the same goddamned place everytime I go for a casual street-photog walk. It is like bashing through the deep woods, where every clearing reached seemed like the previous one, trees felt like carbon copies of each other. Drifting to the left, drifting to the right, it doesn't make a difference. I still find myself at the place where I first found myself. A never ending friggin' loop. Is it me being drawn towards the common, or am I just simply living in a minimized space, confined.


  1. sounds like I would surely get lost in this city!
    Especially if everything looks the same. I can read a map find, but I do much better with landmarks and buildings etc.
    These black and white photos definitely enhances the mood that you've created. I think if these were in color, the feeling would not be there so much.
    Am I making any sense?(haha)