Sunday, September 2, 2012

the crescent, the stars, those red and whites, with other redundant colours.

These 2 photographs were taken just before the National Day and hence, the evident appearance of the Singapore flag.

I just thought of a themed project to work on, thank you 2 photographs above.


  1. I love all the colors in these photos!
    I'm sure Singapore's National Day was very festive and colorful.
    I feel that the U.S. only uses 3 colors for celebrating the day of its nationhood.
    How is it in Singapore?

    1. Thanks!:) Hmm...during the main celebration (which is always aired live on tele), I agree, it is colorful as ever, but...actually, the highlighted colours were just Red and White. Locals are advised to sport these 2 colors during the celebration. Like there was one time I emceed the National Day event in school. Everyone was advised to wear red and white, and me being me, wore black and white checkered top instead. My friends were like, "why'd u wear that?!!" haha. Ok that was random..