Sunday, August 5, 2012

Finally got my hands on a pentax k1000! test shots will be up as soon as I get the test roll back from processing.

As far as the k1000 is concerned, I think it is quite a good performer - in terms of handling (can't say bout the images yet though). It is quite nice to carry around; cause here, people who are into film are most likely to go for an old Nikons, Canons, toy cams, rangefinders such as Leicas, hanging over their necks. So, there's this feeling of uniqueness with the k1000, which I thought was a plus. But the idea of it being a "student camera" is quite a turn off (a lil'). haha! But who cares. This camera has got tonnes of good reviews, proven and tested and what's more; all of us are students anyway, learning new things ever single day. It is a continuous process, right?

One complain I've got is the size of the viewfinder in the k1000. It is actually tad smaller than those on my Yashicas. I also find that the microprism focusing screen on the k1000 is quite of an inferior as compared to the split prism focusing screen of the Yashica. You need a good pair of eyes for short. Well, just my 2 cents worth.

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