Friday, August 17, 2012

escapades of a local sightseer #1 (part2): Singapore Botanic Gardens


  1. Not only are these photos terrific, but they are even more spectacular because they are film.
    I have no discrimination against dslrs or any digital camera. But film is just irreplaceable.
    Any kind of digital camera cannot give this dreamy, nostalgic effect. Bravo for you.
    Rather than boring, I'd say you're an outstanding individual.
    Once again, thank you for your response about the Pentax!
    I have to hurry and make a decision now...
    (But I'm a terribly slow decision maker)

    1. You've just made me smile! Thank You Rina:) and yea, I totally agree with you. Film photographs has got this certain feel in them that no digital cameras can give. I know there's photoshop and other image processing softwares out there which can mimic how film looks and all, but still...nothing can ever replace photographs straight out of a 35mm roll of film!
      Oh ya!, you should look into old Minolta SRT cameras too!