Friday, August 10, 2012

chasing flocks.

Somewhere in the alleys of Little India, while I was chasing these flock of pigeons for mere photographs, a random stranger came up to me with a smile on his face and asked: "Hi!, can I see the picture you took??". He was kinda surprised when I said I can't as I'm using film, showing him the lcd-less back of my camera. "Oh you still use film?!" was his reply. I smiled at him then bid my farewell.


  1. Oh, I get the same reaction!
    And then the person looks and me confused.
    Very rarely do I find someone impressed when I tell them my camera is not digital.
    You have some terrific photos on your blog.
    Would you recommend a Yashica camera?
    I've been looking for a new slr camera, and I would love know what you think.

    1. Hi Rina,

      Thanks for droppin by! Your blog has got pretty interesting photographs as well. Hmm..I guess people who shoot film experience this one way or another! haha. As for the Yashica slrs, be honest, they're good cameras - under rated though if you ask me. They're pretty basic cameras but does the job neatly nonetheless. If you're looking at yashica cameras, I would recommend the FX-3 and FX-7 (chrome vers). Then there's the FR series too which're built like tanks. Yashica lenses are good too! and they're compatible with the zeiss* lenses as well.

      But then...why not go for the much more common Canon or Nikon slrs? Personally, I would want to try those canon ones. Unfortunately, they're ridiculously expensive here in Singapore.